DWAC, FAST, & DRS Assistance

The Depository Trust Clearing Corp. ‘DTC’ Direct Registration System (DTC DRS System) and the DWAC Services, Fast Automated Securities Transfer System (FAST System) electronic securities transfer programs allow shareholders to transfer and hold the shares in electronic, book entry format.  This allows shares to be transferred between the transfer agent and the broker/dealer without the use of physical stock certificates.  This speeds up processing times and can greatly benefit clients and their shareholders.

Depository Trust Clearing Corporation DRS and FAST Access Application Process

Each issuer must be approved and accepted by DTC to become a DTC FAST/DRS eligible issuer. Because DTC is strictly regulated by the SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve, it must comply with multiple regulations in approving issuers. With this obligation, DTC has the right to not provide explanation of why an issuer is rejected.

In many situations a Company’s application for the DRS/DWAC system is rejected due to corporate disclosure or governance issues that can be corrected.

If your company has had its application for the DWAC and DRS/FAST system rejected, Coral Capital Partners can assist your company in obtaining approval for the DTC DRS System and FAST/DWAC Services.

Please feel free to contact our offices for additional information on how we may be of service.