Resolving a NASDAQ Trading Halt Due to a Lack of DTC Eligibility

Resolving a NASDAQ Trading Halt Due to a Lack of DTC Eligibility

It is a common misperception that if a company applies for an exchange listing that it is automatically DTC Eligible upon approval for trading the exchange.  This is not the case.  A Company needs to apply for DTC Eligibility independent of its exchange application.  In certain circumstances, a Company may look like it is DTC Eligible, when it actually is not.  That is exactly what happened to a Canadian company that was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and applied for trading on the NASDAQ Exchange, only to find its shares subject to a trading halt a couple of weeks later. .

The Canadian company applied for trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.  As part of the application process, the Company’s US transfer agent was required to provide verification that the Company’s shares would be included in the DTC DRS/DWAC Fast system, which it did.  Because the shares were eligible for DTC Custody Only services, there already were a significant number of shares held at DTC.  However, “Custody Only” is not the same as fully eligible.  After approximately two (2) weeks it was discovered the Company’s shares were not DTC Eligible,  and NASDAQ halted trading.

A couple of days later, Coral Capital Partners was contacted after hours on a Friday afternoon to help out with the situation.  Our task was two (2) fold.  The 1st being to get the Company DTC Eligible, and the 2nd to assist with the NASDAQ trading halt. We started the DTC Eligibility application on Tuesday of the next week, and received approval of DTC Eligibility by 5:00pm on Thursday.  We worked through the weekend with the US transfer agent, the Company, and representatives of NASDAQ to address the trading halt. Our efforts were successful.  During a Sunday night conference call, representatives of NASDAQ informed us that they would allow trading to resume at 12:30pm Monday.

Essentially, we were able to obtain DTC Eligibility for the Company, and trading halt within seven (7) days.  Additional details on our efforts can be found in our Case Study # 8:  NASDAQ Trading Halt Due to Lack of DTC Eligibility: detailing our efforts.

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